Do you have experience with specific types of moves?

Our primary specialty is residential local moves, but a lot of times, the local moves will get into other things as far as packing up their belongings. We try to always be flexible to where we can pack parts of the house, like dishes or contents of drawers, or all of the house. Whatever the customer needs.

We also have gotten into restoration or working with restoration companies when damages happen to the house. For instance, if floors are flooded by water, we would go in and move all the items out of those rooms and pack them out so that they can repair the damage. Once repairs are finished, we move it back in. Our goal is to put everything back exactly as it was the day we got there to pick it up. It’s a very seamless process for the customer and for the restoration company.

So what are some scenarios where a restoration company would need to hire a mover with residential local moves?

Let’s say there’s water damage, they have a leaking refrigerator line or something, they may have to pull all the floors out of the kitchen. Sometimes they even have to go as far as taking cabinets out so that they can replace the flooring. So what happens is all those dishes, all those pantry items, have to be pulled out along with the kitchen table and chairs and everything. Then they can go back in and repair or replace the items.

Once it’s finished, that’s when we come back in and put it all right back in. We can take the packed items and leave them on-site with a storage container, or we can take it back to our warehouse where we store it and bring it back out at the appropriate time. Working with those companies, one of the biggest things is to try to make it, again, a seamless process. We achieve that regularly.