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Residential Movers

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Whether you’re relocating across the street or across the country, it is crucial to find an experienced residential moving company you can trust to carefully handle your personal possessions. Moving an entire household is no easy task, and you may not have the manpower to do it alone. Our residential moving professionals are experienced in moving everything from heavy furniture to your most fragile possessions.

Your fragile items will be moved safely an securely. Along with moving your items, we also offer packing and unpacking services. 

Our trucks use the following to ensure your possessions are moved without incident

Door Frame

Moving blankets


Floor Protection


Stretch wrap




With over 30 years’ experience as professional residential movers, we know the safest and most efficient ways to transport items from one location to another. We consistently deliver the highest level of service possible. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

On the Move - We’re Different, and Here’s Why

We give Fixed-Cost Quotes

We do our best to provide fixed-cost quotes for homeowners so that there are no surprises. For local moves, our pricing tends to be hourly, and we’re transparent from the beginning and let you know the anticipated total costs. Our goal is to give you as much of the price up front. We explain the costs for packing and material, transportation or moving fees, storage (if needed), and then the valuation. The valuation is the amount a residential moving company agrees to be liable for should anything happen.

We Provide Visual Estimates for Jobs Over 2500 Square Feet

If you have a 2500 square foot home, we will do an in-person estimate to make sure we are fully prepared. We’ll look at your furniture and the number of items you need moved. We’ll consider the layout of your home, whether there are 20 steps to the front door, if it is one floor or three stories, and whether there are tight spaces like a 90-degree turn on a staircase. This helps us to anticipate any obstacles before they happen.

We Do Both Local and Out of State Moves

Some movers specialize in one or the other, but we specialize in serving the people of Middle Tennessee. That means those coming in, moving out, and moving across town. Either way, we still make sure you know what the job entails up front. If something changes within the move, the scope of work, or longer delays, we will communicate with you before decisions are made. The key is complete transparency from start to finish.

We Have Our Own Amazing Storage Facility

Let’s say you have sold your house and packed up everything to move, but you just found out the closing will be delayed. Or maybe you are building a house and it’s not quite finished yet? We have a great place to store your items while you’re in between one home to the next. Even if you are moving out of state, we can still put your items in our storage facility here, and when it’s time for it to be delivered, we’ll send it on its way. One of the advantages of this is we are liable for your items through the whole period, in storage and during the move. If you hold your items with another third-party storage facility, you can run into problems with companies pointing fingers at each other if a problem arises. In our storage facility, we keep the protective pads on everything, so your items remain covered. Nothing is unpadded until it gets to its final destination. Over-stuffed items such as sofas and upholstered chairs are shrink-wrapped and put up on racks. You don’t need to worry about items being stacked on top of these items that can be damaged in other facilities.

We Do Some Serious In-Advance Prep Work Before the Move

One of the last things that differentiates On the Move Moving and Storage, is that we do a ton of prep work before the move. For instance, crating. We won’t wait until moving day to crate larger items. We want things ready to roll on your big day. The other area we manage ahead of time is with apartment scheduling. Apartments or complexes often require appointments for us to be on site, so we get that all set up in advance. Some condominium associations require certificates of insurance as well. We make sure they have everything they need, and we have a green light before moving day.