Moving Tips

We understand how hectic moving can be. The following forms are downloadable for your convenience.

We understand how hectic moving can be. The following forms are downloadable for your convenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are commonly asked questions. If you have a question that we do not answer, please contact us.

What can I do to keep costs down during my move?

Since most moves are billed hourly, the best way to minimize your expense is to limit to amount of time that you need our movers. You may do this by moving fragile or awkward items before our movers arrive.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We prefer cash, but we do accept all major credit cards. Checks may be accepted with prior office approval.

Are there any “unexpected” costs I should be aware of?

Generally, unexpected costs result from a breakdown in communication between the customer and the moving company. Do not be in a rush when you are booking your move. Allow about 10-12 minutes to discuss your move with our professional moving specialist. Our moving specialist is trying to make sure we are fully prepared for your move and any situations that we could be getting into. For example, have you remodeled your house since you moved in? If so, some of the furniture that went in originally may not come out the same way. Have you purchased any furniture that had to be assembled in your home? Do you have any extraordinarily large/heavy items?

How accurate will the cost estimate for my move be?

Most moving companies’ estimates are non-binding. This means the actual cost may vary a little or a lot from the original estimate. The best way to ensure that your move comes in on-target with your estimate is to offer as much information as possible at the time of the estimate. Since costs are projected based on an hourly rate, neglecting to mention a major point of the move at the time of the estimate does not mean that your move will cost less, but rather that your moving crew will be less prepared to do it. They may show up with fewer movers or trucks or equipment than they would have brought had they known up front what the situation would require, which may in the end escalate costs. Because you’re paying by the hour, if the move takes less time than was estimated, your actual bill will be reduced accordingly.

I can only afford to hire professional movers for a portion of my move.

Have your moving crew move the dining room, living room, and bedroom furniture, as well as appliances. And of course you’ll want their help carrying heavier, larger items such as bureaus, desks, tables and sofas. Consider moving boxes, lamps, plants, and the many other odds and ends yourself.

Should I tip my movers?

Moving is a service industry. While there is not a set amount of gratuity expected by movers as there is by servers in restaurants, for example, if you feel that the job was done efficiently and effectively, you should feel free to tip your movers accordingly.

Does On the Move charge for drive time?

When you are paying for your move hourly, the clock will start when our crew arrives at your current location. The clock will then stop upon completion of the move. Most moves will be charge a service fee in the amount of $33.00-$99.00 depending on your location, number of movers, number of trucks, etc. This fee covers our expense in labor and fuel getting the crew to and from your location before and after your move.

Does On the Move charge extra for oversized items?

We charge an oversized item fee for some oversized or heavy items. Check with your moving specialist to see if these fees will be applicable to you.

Can the kids “hang out” and watch the move?

We recognize that children of a certain age are fascinated by the moving process, but for their own safety, we recommend that they stay with neighbors or friends on moving day.

Can the movers transport my pets?

Unfortunately, there is no safe place in the moving truck for pets to ride. They cannot be transported in the cab for insurance reasons, and the box of the truck is inappropriate due to lack of climate control and the danger posed by potential shifting of heavy objects. Generally speaking, moving day is traumatic for most pets. The best way to ensure their physical and emotional safety during the move is to secure them at a neighbor or friend’s home, or in a kennel if necessary.

I have no transportation. Can I ride in the cab of the truck?

We cannot transport customers for insurance reasons.

Can I help the movers load/unload the truck?

We cannot allow customers on our trucks for insurance reasons.

What should I do with the refrigerator food and other perishables?

Arrange for a cooler to transport such items. Your refrigerator should not be moved with food in it. On some local moves we may be able to move the cooler for the customer if time on the truck is going to be less than 30 minutes.

How long do you have to wait to plug in a fridge after moving it?

In general, you should wait 2-3 hours. If the fridge was laid down, you should wait 5 to 6 hours. However, this is only required if you laid it down on the wrong side. This problem can be virtually eliminated by laying it down with the suction line, (the largest diameter pipe coming out of the compressor) downward.

Can the crew members arrange the furniture in my new home?

Absolutely. However, please remember that you are charged by the hour, so a significant amount of time spent rearranging the furniture will add to the total cost of the move. Having a plan in mind before arriving at your new home will save a lot of time and money.

I’ve got possessions I want treated with extra-special care. How can I guarantee this?

You should consider moving jewelry, artwork, pictures and other small valuables yourself in your vehicle. As for larger valuables, point these items out to your moving crew. You should feel confident that your movers will pay special attention to any items you have designated as having high monetary or sentimental value.

Can the moving company dispose of excess trash?

Yes, but there is a charge for items taken to the dump, both for labor involved in driving to and from the dump, as well as a disposal fee imposed by the management of the waste disposal location.

Is it possible to move during inclement weather?

If possible, we will reschedule your move; however, we are prepared to move during rain, sleet, or snow if need be. We will arrive with supplies to keep your belongings safe from the elements, but this will take considerably longer, therefore adding to the expense of the move.

Can the movers move my artwork and glass?

On local moves without packing services, you should move these items yourself. We can move them, but we will not be responsible for them in the event they are damaged. If you would like us to pack them, please inform you moving specialist prior to your move day.