What moving deposits do you collect, and what is your cancellation policy?

We do not collect deposits. If someone wants to do a deposit, that’s totally up to them. But deposits sometimes signify maybe a mover that’s maybe not on board, or above board so to speak. So, we definitely try to stay away from that. The day before the move, if you decide to do a credit card, we would actually collect that credit card information at that time, but no more than one or two days before the move.

As far as the cancellation, we do not have a formal cancellation policy that does not penalize the customer at all. We understand things happen, and we also understand that people may decide not to use a mover or something at the last minute. We just ask people to try to let us know as far ahead as possible so that we can open up those spaces for other customers. We do not charge anyone for having to cancel their move. We just ask them to do it as early as possible.

What payment methods do you accept at On the Move?

We accept cash, check, or credit card. If you’re moving out of the mid-state area or out of the county, the check would be a cashier’s check. Typically, on all those moves that are out of the state or this region, those are what we call fixed prices. So you know exactly what the prices are beforehand. If you do that, we would ask for a cashier’s check upon delivery of your goods. In other words, we would collect that before we unload. In the county or the mid-state area, typically a personal check is fine. We would just collect that at the end of the move.

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