Prevent Damage While Moving  – How We Do It

Your belongings are precious to you, and we recognize the trust you place in us when you hire us to move them. With that in mind, we have fine-tuned our processes to ensure that we do everything we can to minimize damage during your relocation. Here are just a few of the ways that we prevent damage while moving.

#1: Wrap It Up

We completely wrap all the furniture in your home with shrink wrap before we load it on the truck. Why? Well, for one, we’re protecting the surface from being marred by any substance that could be in the back of the truck. Additionally, it keeps the cushions strapped securely and prevents any potential damage to them should they come loose.

As we move furniture around your home, there’s always a potential for scratching the finish on your floors, banging up your door frames, or dinging your banister. To prevent that, we wrap everything in blankets prior to loading the truck. If the furniture and the house are both covered, we’ve significantly reduced the chance for any damage to occur.

#2: Take the Measure

While most doorways are standard, we occasionally run into a home that doesn’t have traditional exits. Couple that with larger than normal furniture, such as a piano or a huge sectional, and it’s a recipe for potential disaster! We take the time to measure the doorways ahead of time so we’ll arrive with a game plan on moving day.

#3: Proper Training and Equipment

We equip our movers with everything they’ll need to ensure that the move will not just go smoothly, but safely. We have a variety of dollies that serve different purposes, piano boards that move grand pianos, and trucks with lift gates and pads to make loading a breeze.

However, all of those items would be useless without the right training. We offer our team the training they need to use all of the safety equipment properly to prevent damage while moving as well as lessen the likelihood of injury. Our lead drivers act as supervisors on the job, directing the rest of the team how to best handle the large items, in particular.

Risking the potential for damage by hiring a moving company that isn’t equipped to handle your belongings is a recipe for potential disaster. On The Move takes the necessary precautions to protect the things you love during a potentially stressful time. Click here to talk to us today!