Full Service Storage

On the Move offers storage facilities to store your possessions. Our facilities are available for long term to permanent storage or for temporary storage. We can even move your possessions from storage to a destination you specify.

When to Use Storage Facilities

There are many situations that may warrant storing your possessions. On the Move offers full-service storage with flexible options for storing your possessions so that you have reliable service in any of the following situations.

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When you are moving

During a move, it is often best to begin packing early and get non-essential items out of the way. With On the Move, you can keep bulky items and boxes in storage while you move the essentials into your new house. Our full-service storage may also be ideal if you are downsizing to a smaller home once the kids move out of the house.

When you are in college

Dorm life does not leave much space for extra belongings, so storage might be a necessity throughout your college career.

When you need more space

If you have been wanting to clear out the attic or create a home office in the overloaded guest room, it may be time to transfer some items into storage. Almost everyone has those belongings that are too important to throw away but tend to take up lots of space around the house.

What’s Included with Full-Service Storage?

With full-service storage, you can eliminate the stress of packing and storing items yourself. We will pick up the items you need stored, package them in crates, and store them in our storage facility. We will then deliver them to you when and where you need them. Storage facilities offer more protection for items that may be sensitive to humidity or other climate conditions.

Our storage facilities offer the following benefits:

  • Pest control
  • Climate control
  • Professional packing and preparation
  • High-tech security

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