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Our Team at On the Move

has become one of the most trusted moving and storage companies in the Middle Tennessee area. We have moved thousands of people from simple moves across the city to long-distance moves across the country. Our goal is to deliver the highest level of service possible in a reliable, professional, and honest manner. We accomplish this by hiring experienced, full-time workers rather than day laborers.

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Prevent Damage While Moving. On The Move - Professional Moving Services

Professional Moving Services

We specialize in all Murfreesboro moving services be they local or long distance, home or business. We provide professional Nashville moving services that ensure your belongings reach their new location safely and securely. We can even help with packing and unpacking as well as furniture assembly.

Full Service Storage

Whether you need long-term or temporary storage, we have you covered with our full-service storage facilities. Our storage facilities are climate controlled and protected from pests. We also use high-tech security systems to ensure your property is protected.

How On the Move Is Different

Being a great Murfreesboro moving company means standing out from the crowd. At On the Move, we do this in lots of ways, but seven of them seem to mean the most to our customers.


On-Site Owner

The owner, Don Watson, has been with On the Move for over seven years. He worked here for six years before he purchased it in January of 2017. He’s been able to grow this company from a pretty small, two truck operation, to operating seven or eight crews. Don is a very hands-on owner, doing most of the sales calls and consultations we have for people who are moving. He says, “I’m totally invested. It is what’s most important.” Whether they’re moving local or long distance, we have solutions for that, and Don is there to get the job done.

“We hope that On the Move will be around serving Middle Tennessee for a long, long time.”


In-Person Estimates

One of the other things that makes us different is that we try to physically go see the estimates before we do a quote. Our goal is to not have many surprises. So, we need to know exactly what we need as far as manpower, trucks, equipment, and supplies. And that also equates back to the customer so that they know the costs involved up front.

There’s no bait and switch with our team. Especially on our long-distance moves, those can be stressful times anyway. We take extra care to try to have all those services that the customer needs, and the costs for each, established ahead of time. That seems to make a somewhat stressful period a little bit calmer. The customer expects that price that we’ve given them on the front end.


Thorough Hiring Processes

Our insurance requires us to have a background check and a drug test, but we would do that anyway. It’s just very important. We have a lot of liability once we step into someone’s home and we want to make sure that the people we are bringing in are people we would welcome into our own homes. So, from that standpoint we do have to be kind of picky about who we hire. Especially on background checks, we’ll look at them thoroughly and check all references. From that standpoint we don’t have a whole lot of turnover, but we will add on at different times of the year.


Fixed Quotes

Another thing that sets us apart is the quotes that we give are fixed. What we do when a call or lead comes in is to set an appointment to go out and survey the contents that are needing to be moved. We pull up the zip code from where it is to where it’s going and establish what requirements there are as far as manpower, our fuel, and any of our expenses. And then we, through a process, come up with a cost that customer agrees on before we ever start the job.



Along with that, if something does change, we are very flexible. Some things that could change would be if someone’s home is not ready on moving day. Maybe they need to hold it for a day or two until the closing is done. We’re able to work with them on a reasonable solution that doesn’t cost them crazy money. There are a lot of times things can happen and we try to empathize with our clients and try to work with them as much as possible.


Storage Options with Fixed Costs

When we do that home and contents survey, we know exactly what we’re getting into. If a client requires storage, we’re able to do those costs based off the amount that’s needing to be stored. Terms are all done on a monthly basis, but then it’s pro-rated if storage is needed for less than a full month. We can adjust that. Our facility here in Middle Tennessee is containerized storage. It is available for anyone moving out of town who doesn’t have a place yet or if they’re in between homes, are building a home, and have sold their old home. Anytime we can help, we’re here to take care of furniture and valuables while someone is in between homes.


Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

We have more insurance coverage than most. We have coverages that cover the home while we’re moving in and out, workers comp if someone gets hurt, and also contents coverage. Then we have our liability on our trucks and things like that. And in our packet that we give out, we are very transparent with our coverage. We have a copy of our insurance policy right there that people can look at to verify our policies. Most people don’t think about that but it is one thing that you might want to ask any Nashville moving company. If you’re turning everything you own over to somebody, what happens if something that you don’t plan on happening happens? What happens if there’s a problem?

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