Sometimes your moving process isn’t a simple “pick up household goods from the old house, move them into the new house.” scenario. Sometimes there is a need to place your household goods in storage for a period of time for a number of reasons.

What’s a moving transfer and why might you need one? Read on as we explain the details of our moving transfer services.

What exactly is a moving transfer?

One way to think of a moving transfer is like a “layover” for your household goods. Instead of taking a direct route from one location to your final destination, your items stop off and are held in storage until it’s time to head to the final destination.

Why would a moving transfer be necessary?

A moving transfer may be needed if you won’t be able to access your new home until some time after you need to be moved out of your current home. A good example would be if you need to be totally moved out of your current home by Monday evening, but you will not have access to your new home until Thursday.

If the home you are moving in to is new construction or required renovations before moving in, sometimes hiccups in the last weeks can happen, leaving you in “limbo” for a few days or even a couple of weeks. While it’s not super common, having this option of a moving transfer available can take the stress down a notch when these situations do come up.

Will my items be safe with all of the shuffling?

While you may be wary that with an extra step, there is a greater possibility that items go missing – we’ve taken that into account and have a multi-step inventory process in place for transfers. When a transfer is needed, your household goods will be loaded up, inventoried, and then unloaded at a storage warehouse – where they will be inventory checked again. When you are ready to have your household goods delivered to your new location, yet another inventory check will be performed as well load out your household goods.

I might need this service for my upcoming move. What should I do?

If you are moving soon and may need transfer services, contact us at On The Move today. Our moving professionals will help with a quote and a plan to keep your items safe and give you peace of mind.