If you’re one of many Americans calling upon residential movers this year, you may also need items stored during the procss. Depending on your time and amount of items you have, you should look into what a full-service storage service can provide. Read on to see what’s included in such a service.

Pick Up

According to FiveThirtyEight, the average American moves as much as eleven times. The most time-consuming and tedious part of a move is the packing process. When you’re short on time or have to also deal with work or school, it can be hectic managing a successful move. However, when you hire residential movers who also specialize in full-service storage, they can come to your location and pick up any items you want to store.


Once the items you plan to store are in the movers’ hands, these professionals will safely pack them. To protect your items, they’ll pack them up in crates. Crate storage can give your items a level of protection that simply leaving in boxes won’t. Rest assured that whether your items are stored for a month, a year, or more, the crate will protect them from temperature fluctuations, as well as from a damaging pest invasion.


The next step is the storage itself. Your packed items will now be placed in your own storage unit. You can keep them there for a short amount of time, or stretch it out to a few years. Your full-service storage facility is available to you for however long you need to keep these items out of your main home.


The day will come when you’ll decide that you’re ready to take back your stored items. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about going to pick these items up. Your full-storage residential movers will deliver these items to you regardless of where you are.

Summer will be here before you know it, and many Americans take this season to make their big move to a new home. If you’re making such a move, you may not be able to take all of your valuables with you. Thanks to the variety of services from your residential movers, full-service storage is a viable option to consider. To get started with these exceptional services, contact The Move Moving and Storage team!