Is Your Moving Company Licensed?

A huge part of choosing the right relocation company is making sure the business and its professionals are people you can trust. In the relocation industry documentation, licenses, and coverage are highly important and missing just one of these items can out a moving company as untrustworthy.

Why Moving Licenses are Important

All moving business must have the appropriate licenses to own and operate their business. From local business licenses to motor carrier licenses, there are many legal titles a company must uphold at all times.

Failure to meet just one of the criteria can actually make a relocation company unable to obtain the proper insurance coverages that protect not only their business but their customer’s belongings as well.

Look for the DOT Number

One of these crucial licenses is called a DOT license. Without an active DOT number, a moving company is unable to carry the proper insurance to protect themselves and their customers.

A scary truth is that less ethical moving companies will try to cut costs by not staying relevant with their DOT licensure, leading to a subsequent lapse in insurance which can leave a customer in the cold should something go awry during the move. This is the big red flag, folks.

To protect yourself, it is recommending to request a moving company’s DOT number before anything is signed. With the number in hand, you can look up the number to check its validity in order to know the company is 100{17285e4506dd7ad3ca06d7ec6245bfdff72c4c71b9b44c55518333c0b794a018} trustworthy and that your belongings are safe with them.

At On The Move, we always stay current with all coverages and licensure needed to ensure our hard-earned business and your precious belongings are in the best hands at all times. If you have questions about our licensure or coverage, feel free to reach out and we would love to answer any of your questions.