On The Move Will Help You Avoid Becoming a Moving Horror Story

You’ve probably heard someone tell a moving horror story— tales of disreputable companies that hold their customers’ belongings hostage until the customers cough up more cash.

How do you avoid becoming a victim?

Do Your Homework

Choose a reputable moving company. On The Move’s references can be found on our website, via Google, or on Facebook. We have positive reviews from satisfied customers as well as good references via the Better Business Bureau.

Ensure You Get a Fair Quote

Before On The Move begins to relocate any client, whether the move is in-state or out-of-state, we carefully negotiate the details.  Each move is set up as a fixed cost quote. This means that we give the maximum amount we anticipate the move will cost based on the current information we have.

Everything is prearranged. We will never arrive at your door and request more money. The only time we would modify the the current account would be if the circumstances change dramatically. For instance, if we arrive and discover that your piano is up a flight of stairs. That’s a significantly more complicated task than anticipated. We’d discuss the modification in price before we complete the task, but we wouldn’t demand cash on the spot. We guarantee that we will never show up and expect you to pay us more money than quoted.

Get It In Writing

On The Move’s interstate quotes are in writing, and they’re binding. However, our local moves are sometimes priced by the hour. The price can change depending on how much time is spent moving your belongings.

However, we don’t ever give you a quote over the phone. On The Move gives you a written quote based on the inventory list we’re given by the customer. Ideally, we’ll do a quick tour of your home prior to the move so we have a better picture of what your move will entail. This is particularly if your home’s square footage is over 3000 feet. We want to be sure that we’re sufficiently staffed on moving day.

If you’re ready to move and you want to be sure that you don’t become a player in a horror story, contact a mover you can trust. Click here to talk to us today!  

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