Walking Through the Quoting Process with On The Move – How to Get a Moving Quote in Tennessee

On The Move Moving and Storage is dedicated to making their customers’ relocation process as pain-free as possible. This starts before we even load the truck— when we generate your quote.

Accurate Inventory

If you’re relocating from a small apartment or a mid-sized home, it’s likely that we can get a detailed and accurate inventory list via telephone. We’re mainly concerned with items that are large or especially heavy, such as furniture. If you’ve got something that will require special equipment, such as a piano or a gun safe, it’s important that we’re informed ahead of time. We want to be sure that we have everything we need when moving day arrives.

If your home is more than 2500-3000 square feet, we’d prefer to conduct a visual inventory. This is not complicated. We just come to your home and quickly tour it, making notes about your belongings so we can be fully equipped when we arrive at your home to start the move.

Generating the Quote

Once we’ve received a thorough inventory of everything that needs to be moved, we use a specific program that estimates the weight and cubic footage of of the shipment. Then, we can take that information and estimate an hourly move for local moves. If it’s an interstate move, we can determine the charge based on the capacity.

When the quote is complete, we put it in writing and send it to you. It’s important that you never work with a moving company that doesn’t put their quote in writing! That’s a good way to get scammed! A really reputable organization will be glad to give you a copy of your quote— and stick to it when it’s time to pay.

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