Why Over-the-Phone Quotes Might Not do the Trick


So, you’re moving. Every mover’s site you’ve been too seems to be begging you to “call now for a free quote!” You may be tempted to take them up on their offer, after all—it’s good to get a general idea of what the move will cost to help your future planning, right?


Well, yes, getting a quote and knowing just how much your move will cost is crucial, but over-the-phone quotes may not be accurate. Read on to find out why.


You Can’t See the Unforeseen


When receiving a quote over the phone, you’ll probably be asked how much stuff you need to have moved, the layout of the old home or business and the layout of the new one. You may be asked how close the moving trucks can get to your door, or if there are stairs, etc. When you’re done, your have your estimate and it’s time to schedule.


While, yes, this method does give the company a general idea of how much it will cost, it might not be very accurate. For instance, what if you noted there are stairs, but didn’t mention how steep or narrow the staircase is? Instead of the estimated 3 hours to get all your stuff inside your new home, it took three hours alone just to get your large items in, and 3 more to move the rest?


This is where extra charges come in, and while they may surprise the customer, they are all too common for moving companies. That’s not to say it’s a tactic to take your money—it isn’t, but unforeseen challenges and their resulting labor time and costs must be accounted for.


Look Before you Leap


In addition to a free quote, we at On The Move will also choose to do a visual quote, especially for interstate moves. This is because our expert moving professionals can see challenges and notice details with their “mover’s eye” that customers may not notice. This process also helps us provide an efficient and accurate quote with minimal extra charges or surprises.


Free estimates are still important and should be considered a general base estimate to expect for your move, but a more accurate quote can be determined with our visual survey. If you’re moving and would like our experts to do a visual survey and provide an efficient and accurate quote, then contact us today and let’s get started.