According to Move Buddha, almost 60% of U.S. moves take place between May to August every year. This time of year is when most residential movers are at their busiest. However, there are some other times when they may also be busy. Below are some factors that might impact when residential movers are the busiest in their city.

Less Busy During Post-COVID Years

According to Ruby Home, only a little over 8% of Americans moved in 2021, which makes it the lowest it’s been since 1948. As the pandemic has caused many people to adjust their moving plans, it has contributed to fewer moves and subsequently less business for residential movers. However, chances are that this number will even out over time as more people begin to feel comfortable with moving as the pandemic comes to an end.

Impact of Weather

Generally, many people tend to avoid moving during cold winter months, so the best time to move is during the spring and summer when temperatures are more pleasant. However, if a region experiences extreme weather, such as storms or heat waves, these may also affect when people choose to move and therefore impact residential movers’ busy periods.

Relocation Patterns

The patterns of when people relocate also have an impact on residential movers’ peak times. For example, higher population centers see more moves as people move from one city to another. In addition, large institutions such as universities and the military often coordinate their relocations at certain times during the year which can result in a surge for local moving companies.


Finally, holidays are another factor that may affect when residential movers are at their busiest. Many people choose to move over the July 4th and Thanksgiving breaks in order to take advantage of the extra time off from work and school. As a result, residential movers often see a surge in business during those times.

Overall, while the time between May and August is generally when residential movers are at their busiest, there are other factors like weather and relocation patterns that can affect when they see an increase in business. If you’re planning on moving any time in the near future, then don’t hesitate to give us a call!