What’s the Best Time to Hire a Moving Company?

What’s the Best Time to Hire a Moving Company?

According to Move Buddha, the months of May through August account for more than 60% of annual movement in the United States. If you are moving during this time period, you may want to consider hiring professionals who are familiar with the task and will take good care of your valuables. Additionally, relocating at the ideal time will save you money on other factors such as expenses and exposure to harsh weather. Are you considering the best time to hire a moving company? Well, let’s find out when the best time to do so is.

The Perfect Time

It will be easier to locate and hire the best moving company in the spring or late fall when rental companies will not demand outrageous rates. Weekends, the first of each month, and summer are the times to avoid because the moving rate is typically higher.

After or Prior to Holidays

Avoid hiring a mover during major holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and so on. Time spent with family and friends is critical to these celebrations and to the movers. Allow ample time for these activities prior to the holiday season to meet new people and establish a sense of community.

School Calendar

Summer months, on the other hand, can be quite expensive. These are the most advantageous months, particularly for families with school-aged children. Because school begins in the fall, it is appropriate to relocate during the summer months.

Early Morning

This is the ideal time to relocate for those who enjoy waking up early in the morning. In the summer, early mornings provide cooler temperatures, fewer traffic delays, and an earlier arrival at your new house.

Seasonal Considerations

Winter may not be the ideal season for relocation. Under freezing conditions, goods may be damaged; if traveling from cold to warmer areas, the mode of transportation used to transport your belongings may sustain water damage. Traveling during this season may present difficulties for you, your family, and the moving company. Additionally, if objects are not adequately sealed, the effects of freezing and thawing can be severe.

When moving, the best solution is to hire a moving company. However, determining the ideal time to relocate will protect you from other factors that you may wish to avoid. Always hire a moving company at the ideal time listed above.

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