You are ready to move and are shopping around for a full-service moving company. Getting an estimate on what your move is going to cost, what sort of extra services you may want, and what sort of time frame you are looking at for your move can help you feel more prepared for the expense and time it may take.

What to Expect From a Visual Moving Quote

A coordinator from the moving company will come to your home to evaluate your home inventory. They will be taking notes on large furniture pieces, poking their heads into cupboards, peeking under the beds, and glancing through the closets.

They will also be able to take note of any challenging situations that could arise – closed in staircases with sharp turns, narrow front doors, tricky parking and loading situations for the truck, and so on.

This visual evaluation will give you the most accurate cost calculation. In this meeting, you can also take the opportunity to discuss any temporary storage needs, packing or unpacking, or materials needs you may have that might get overlooked otherwise. You’ll need to be home for the walkthrough, but this isn’t an extremely long process.

Why You Shouldn’t Rely on a Phone Quote

While it may seem so much easier to get a quote over the phone, the number you get may be wildly inaccurate. While you won’t need to take time out of your day to be available at home, you may miss details that having a representative from the moving company would have caught.

For example, the phone representative may ask you if the home has stairs, but since they aren’t present, and looking at your home’s layout, they may not realize that while your home is one story, there are multiple tricky and tight corners that will complicate the removal of larger furniture.

On the Move provides visual quotes for these reasons. If you are ready for an estimate for your upcoming move, contact us today to get started!