Many Americans are heavily dependent on the services moving companies provide. In fact, according to IBISWorld, revenue for the moving services industry has grown to $21.7 billion over the last five years! Commercial moving services account for a big slice of that revenue pie. After reading about the services they provide below, you’ll understand why working with a commercial moving company is so beneficial.

Protect Your Important Documents and Office Equipment

The idea of trying to safely pack essential documents and expensive office equipment ahead of a potential move is enough to scare many people away. They imagine all the work involved in keeping those important items safe and think the move isn’t worth the trouble. Before dismissing the idea of moving entirely, remember that a professional commercial moving company can handle that work.

Your moving partners can safely prepare your documents and office equipment to ensure that they won’t sustain any damage during the long journey to your new location. They possess the knowledge necessary to handle all kinds of office equipment, so you won’t be leaving valuable items in the hands of amateurs. The movers can also disassemble your equipment and furniture for safe transport.

Manage Transportation With Minimal Supervision

According to Move Buddha, around 60% of annual moves in the U.S. occur between May to August. Most people move around that time to take advantage of the good weather. You may also be thinking of changing offices around that time to ensure the safe transport of your documents and equipment, but that may also be the peak season for your business. Thankfully, a commercial moving company can handle transportation with minimal supervision.

Commercial movers already know what to do, so you don’t have to get involved in the actual moving process You just have to assign someone to receive the items at the target destination. Once you arrange that, the commercial moving company can handle the rest!

Offer Storage Solutions

You may need some time to get your new office set up. During that time, you may prefer to have some items and documents stored in a safe place away from your new office building. The commercial moving company can provide that storage space. They can hold on to some of your equipment and documents until you have the proper space to accommodate everything.

Commercial moving companies do more than transport your valuables; they also provide services that make the whole endeavor easier for their customers. Reach out to our team at The Move Moving and Storage if you need people to help with your upcoming move!