When Can You Receive a Binding Quote?

When it comes to moving, there’s a lot to get in order. Packing, logistics, hiring movers, adhering to dates, paperwork—you get the idea. In addition to all of those aspects, moving can be unpredictable as well.

As such, many of those going through the moving process choose to obtain a binding quote from their moving company. This takes one less unexpected aspect out of moving and helps reduce stress.  So what exactly is a binding quote, and when can you get one? Read on and find out!

Binding Quotes in a Nutshell
Often when you get an estimate from a moving company, it’s just that—an estimate. After the move, the costs can go up (or even down) depending on last-minute changes or added services.

A binding quote takes a different approach. The moving company will consider all details and logistics of your move and give you a comprehensive quote. This quote, unlike a traditional estimate, is a fixed number, meaning it won’t go up even for last-minute changes or unforeseen circumstances.

That does, however, mean the cost will not go down if things go smoother than anticipated, either, so keep that in mind.

What Kind of Moves Qualify?

More often than not, interstate moves, where the customer moves from one state to another, are almost always binding quote moves. This is due to the distance and large scale involved, making it easier for both the company and customer to have a fixed-cost quote rather than an estimate that can change at any point during the large-scale move.

While local moves, or intrastate moves, are often quoted with an estimated quote and charged by the hour, they also qualify for fixed-cost quotes and rates. This helps eliminate one more thing to worry about, so you can focus on relocating your business or family as efficiently as possible.

How Do I Get a Binding Quote for my Local Move?

Simple: Just ask! On The Move is here to help make your move run as smoothly as possible, and we’ll do what it takes to make our customers’ experience that much less stressful. If you’re planning a move, contact us and let our experts get you a binding quote so you can cross one more thing off your list!