Unusual Moving Hacks That Actually Work

Unusual Moving Hacks That Actually Work

Whether you are moving around the corner or across the country, moving can be stressful and overwhelming. On the Move Moving and Storage is here to help make your move go smoothly. We have years of packing, storing, and moving experience. 

Our team of experts has a host of smart ways to make the packing and moving process go a little smoother. Here are some of our unusual moving tips and tricks that actually work! 

Kitchen and Bath Packing Hacks

Packing kitchen items often feels like a daunting task. There are so many fragile and bulky items. Here are some kitchen hacks to help protect your dishes. 

Pack plates sideways

This might sound counter-intuitive, but instead of stacking your plates in a box, it is better to pack them sideways. Choose a box that is small enough that there is very little wiggle room. 

Place a sheet of bubble wrap or packing paper between each plate, then wrap each set of 6 to 8 plates together to prevent them from shifting around. Some people prefer to use disposable styrofoam plates between their real plates. Styrofoam plates are lightweight, provide excellent padding, and you can discard them easily as you unpack. 

Put your glasses in your socks

You read that correctly! Protect your fragile glasses and stemware by placing each one in a clean tube sock. You can also stuff smaller socks inside the glasses for added protection. 

If you aren’t planning to hire a packing crew, stop by the liquor stores to grab a few wine or beer boxes with cardboard separators to pack your glasses and other fragile items. Liquor and grocery stores are often more than happy to give you their empty boxes and your wine glasses will appreciate the extra protection.

Use space creatively

Large bowls, pots, and crockpots take up a lot of space. Look for items to store inside those large items. For example, place your spices in the crockpot. Wrap kitchen utensils in saran wrap and place them inside flat bakeware. Think of it as one giant game of Tetris!

Saran Wrap your lids

Place saran wrap over the openings of your toiletry bottles then put the caps back on. This helps prevent leaks, even if you plan to put your toiletries in ziplock bags (which you should also do as an added layer of protection). This trick also works for kitchen sauces and condiments. 

Organization Tips

One thing is sure, when it comes to packing and moving, it’s critical to be organized. There are many moving apps and systems to help you stay organized and keep track of your belongings. What’s most important is choosing a method that works for you. 

Press-N-Seal your jewelry

If you have a jewelry display case, don’t spend the time taking all your jewelry off for the move. Keep everything organized and tangle-free by wrapping the entire display in Press-N-Seal and trace the outline of each piece of jewelry with your finger to help keep things separated. This is a much faster, more convenient way to pack jewelry, and you won’t have to spend time detangling your necklaces when you unpack!

Ziploc baggies for small parts and cords

When you take apart items like furniture, curtain rods, TV wall-mounts, and other things, place all the little pieces and screws in a small sandwich bag. Write what the parts belong to on the outside of the bag or on a piece of paper inside the bag. 

Use large Ziploc bags to store plugs and cords to your tv, computer, and other electronics. Place all the cables to one item in a bag labeled with that item. 

Keep all the bags and baggies in one box. When you arrive at your new home, assembling your furniture and electronics will be a breeze!

Take a photo of the back of your electronics

Speaking of wires and cords, take a picture of how your electronics are connected before you disassemble anything. This will help you remember where all the wires go. If you want to get extra-organized, purchase some colored dot stickers and place colored dots on the cord and next to the corresponding plug. That way, all you need to do is match the colored dots when you’re ready to set everything back up. 

Color-code your rooms

Most people label their boxes with the room in which it belongs. The movers probably won’t be able to guess which bedroom you’re planning to use as an office, but everyone can match colors! Purchase color dots or several colors of duct tape and designate a specific color for each room of your house. Put the appropriate color dot or tape on every box. 

When you arrive at your new house, put signs up with dots or tape, so movers know which room each box belongs in. It’s still a good idea to write the name of the room on the box as well, and don’t forget to create a legend so you can keep track of all your colors. 

Pack a “survival bin”

Pack everything you will need for the first 24 hours in your new home inside one box or bin. Clean clothes, toiletries, and the basics are a must, but there are other things you probably won’t want to spend time locating. 

Include things like the coffee pot and filters, cups, disposable plates, bowls, and cutlery (or enough dishes to eat dinner and breakfast). Consider adding the bottle opener and can opener in case you want to have a celebratory toast in your new home or resort to canned soup for dinner. Toss in bath towels for each person in the family. Add a roll of toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies. 

Keep this “survival bin” with you during the move instead of putting it on the truck. You will appreciate being able to sip a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning without having to hunt down the coffee filters or a mug.

On the Move Moving and Storage is here to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our team of experts has years of experience moving everything from heavy furniture to fragile keepsakes. Contact us today to learn more about our services and receive a free quote.

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