Whether you are moving across the country or around the corner, moving during the holiday season comes with unique challenges. While all your friends and family are stuffing turkeys and decking the halls, you’re stuck stuffing boxes and preparing for the big move.

Fortunately, you don’t have to turn into the Grinch just because you’re moving during the holidays! On The Move Moving and Storage can help you make your holiday move as “holly jolly” as possible. Here are some tips, tricks, and things to consider.

Choose your moving day wisely

Not all moving companies will be taking jobs during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Some companies might have shorter hours or smaller staff. Contact On The Move early to make your holiday move reservations.

As you select your moving day, keep other factors in mind like holiday traffic. About two-thirds of Americans traveled for the holiday season last year. Most people traveled by car. Keep this in mind as you plan your moving day and travel arrangements.

Does your move involve airline travel? Airfares skyrocket, and millions of people are trying to get places for the Holidays. The 17-day period around Christmas and New Years are the worst days to travel. Peak travel days depend on where the weekends fall in that 17-day window. Most people prefer to travel over long weekends.

Factor in the weather

Moving during the holiday season may include dealing with cold, winter weather. If snow or ice is in the forecast on packing or moving day, be prepared to shovel and de-ice your driveways, walkways, and decks before the moving crew arrives.

Propping the door open for movers to carry things in or out might drive up your heating bill, but you won’t want your movers trying to open the door while carrying your antique mirror or expensive flatscreen. If you are opposed to having the door left open, have a friend or family member play doorman for the day. Expecting one of the moving technicians to play this role will probably cost you time and money.

Winter weather often comes with mud, dirt, and de-icing chemicals. On The Move technicians can lay moving blankets and take other steps to protect your floors from mud and dirt. Be sure to ask about extra measures to guard your carpets and floors before moving day, so our crew brings the right supplies.

Let family and friends host

One of the perks of moving during the holidays is that family and friends tend to be more available to opening their homes as you transition. Don’t be afraid to accept their hospitality. This can be especially helpful if you have children.

Ask friends and relatives to help give your children some holiday “normalcy” throughout the move. Let friends host cookie-baking parties. Aunts, uncles, and cousins are always fun to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with. Don’t be afraid to lean on your community for support, care, and help.

You might even consider extending your stay with family or friends to treat it as a mini-vacation during the moving chaos.

Pack holiday necessities strategically

Moving during the holidays may require you to lower your expectations, but that doesn’t mean you need to skip the festivities altogether.

Consider packing and labeling a few boxes with all the essential decorations, gifts, and tacky sweaters. That way, when you arrive at your new home, you can quickly deck your new halls and get right back into the holiday spirit. You can even load your marked boxes last, so when you arrive at your new home, they are among the first items to come off the truck.

Include your new address in your holiday card and postpone the gifts

Kill two birds with one stone! Make your holiday cards double as your change of address announcement.

Ask friends and relatives to send holiday gifts to your new address after you move instead of adding to the stuff you have to pack. If that’s not an option, consider keeping gifts wrapped or in their original packaging until after the move for easier packing.

Donate and reuse

Lighten your moving load by donating some of your gently used items to thrift stores, halfway houses, and other nonprofits. Warm clothes, gently used toys, and holiday decorations are in high demand at consignment stores during the holiday season. Habitat for Humanity, The Salvation Army, and other charities will often pick up your donations free of charge!

Moving requires a lot of boxes, packing paper, and bubble wrap. Save a little money by reusing boxes and wrapping paper from holiday packages you received. Wrapping paper makes excellent packing paper. Ask your friends to save their boxes and wrapping paper also.

Four perks of moving during the holidays

  1. Holiday discounts: take advantage of holiday sales as you furnish and decorate your new home! Many businesses have sales and discounts throughout the holiday season that will help you save money during the move.
  2. Kids can transition schools mid-year: The holidays are a more natural transition time for schools. Children often find it easier to start a new school when everyone is returning from a holiday break.
  3. The volunteers are more available: It’s much easier to enlist the help of friends, family members, and local college students home for the holidays. No need to do all that heavy lifting yourself! All the holiday cheer also makes it more likely that people will help in other ways as well, like packing and providing meals.
  4. Quicker closing process: If you are buying a new home during the holidays, the closing process often moves a little faster. Sellers often want to relocate as quickly as possible, lenders want to have the loan on the current years’ books, and real estate people are motivated to complete the process before the end of the calendar year. Take advantage of everyone’s motivation to complete the process quickly!

Give yourself the gift of hiring On The Move Moving and Storage to make your holiday move as stress-free and smooth as possible! Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule your move.