How Do Tennessee Movers, On The Move, Hire and Keep Their Exceptional Employees?


At On The Move, we’re proud that our team is as concerned about getting your belongings from one place to another in one piece as you are. But how do we hire and keep our exceptional employees to be Tennessee movers? It all starts with our hiring process.


We value the safety and security of our customers. So, we start out with a full battery of background and reference checks as well as a drug test. It’s important that our employees are thoroughly vetted before we bring them into your home.  Additionally, we ask a series of probing questions. These include why they left their previous job as well as the reason why they’re currently seeking work.

What Makes an Ideal Mover?

An ideal worker will have some previous experience moving. But a prospective employee with less experience and a willing attitude coupled with an eagerness to learn the job will be welcomed as well. The work is tough, so our employees must have a great deal of stamina. A full day’s work requires endurance— there are a lot of heavy things that must be lifted, and lifted carefully.


We’re also seeking someone with a good personality. Our Tennessee movers are working with people who are under a lot of stress. A good attitude and a happy smile really go a long way, especially when the move takes place in the heat of the Tennessee summer. It takes a special kind of person to be able to chat politely with customers under any circumstance!


We also ensure that every worker is covered under workers’ comp. In this case, if there is an accident and a worker is injured, they’ll be cared for properly. Additionally, On The Move is properly licensed to help you with your move in Tennessee. If there’s an accident and one of your belongings is damaged or broken, you won’t be left in the lurch.


If you’re ready to make your move, and you want experienced, carefully-vetted movers to help you make your day run smoothly, contact us for a free estimate today!



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