You have an interesting little niche here in Middle Tennessee where you work with restoration companies. How does restoration moving work?

Absolutely. How that works is if you end up with a pipe burst, fire, or something along those lines, the restoration company comes in and mitigates the damage. They work to get everything dried out and at some point the floors, walls, and other fixtures may need to be replaced. In this case, all of your furniture has to come out to do the job effectively.

We work with four or five major companies in the Middle Tennessee area where we actually do that work. We’ll either take the furniture, pack it up, and move it off site or leave it onsite, whichever the project managers want to do. And that’s actually been a very good thing, especially during the winter time because it helps even out the work all through the year. But we also will do that throughout the summer.

We handle that furniture just like it’s going across country. We’ll wrap everything up, pack it up, take it out, and then move it right back in and set it back up like it was. Our attention to detail doesn’t change whether it is a full move or a restoration move. We still treat your property just like we would treat our own.