Moving is a big event for everybody, but it can be particularly tough on kids. As parents and caregivers, we have to do our best to get them through this as comfortable as possible–but that’s not always easy! Luckily, On the Move of Murfreesboro, TN has some awesome strategies in place to make sure your little ones are packed up and moved into their new home before you know it.

Have Open Conversations

Even though children are notoriously resilient, when it comes to a family relocation, they can be thrown for quite the loop. A transition like a move is difficult for anyone. The more time your child has before the big day, packing up their room with their favorite toys and saying goodbye to friends on the playground, the easier this tough process will be. So, make sure not only do you have plenty of boxes but also some quality emotional support from people who want them just as much as they’ll miss everyone else here- don’t forget grandma or grandpa!

Many kids are afraid of making changes in their lives – especially when they involve leaving old friends or favorite activities behind. But remember: what you bring from one place to another has no bearing on how things turn out at either spot. You’ll still have all your toys, clothes, books and furniture waiting for you once you make our new home together!

Introduce the New Location

Moving Locally

Whether you’re moving in or around the Murfreesboro, TN area or not, making sure children are familiarized with any environment can only provide benefits! One helpful way would be taking them on a drive through the older neighborhoods; pointing out landmarks such as schools, nearby shops, etc., showing which house will soon become theirs (if local), find parks/playgrounds close by–anything else that might make younger members uncomfortable without notice.

Moving Away

If you’re moving to a new town or city, it can be daunting trying to find your way around. The best way is by using Google Maps Street view and peeking in on the area that will soon become your home! Clicking around can not only help with finding out what kind of neighbors live nearby but also show potential activities for kids looking for something fun to do once they move into their brand-new neighborhood. Tell them all about this interactive tool beforehand so they are ready when exploring becomes reality later down the road.

Safety First

Moving can be hectic and when you’re doing it with kids, safety should be your top priority. Children climb, explore, play…and they definitely rifle through your things! Keep new and sharp objects clear of their reach like box cutters or permanent markers because these could hurt them or damage some delicate items that might not make the move.

Why not turn an unused room into a safe space where your kids can build box forts? Throw some old boxes and bubble wrap in, and they’ll be entertained for hours.

Stay the Course

Moving into a new house might be an emotional time for your child. Normalcy is important, so try to maintain the same daily routines as before like meals, naps, and playtime with their friends – it’ll help them feel comfortable in this unfamiliar space! Keep having open conversations about what they are feeling during these times of change – let them know that you understand how hard changes can be but remind them that everything will work out.

Moving with your child can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Let On the Move handle all of those moving tasks so you don’t need to worry about packing and unpacking as well! Ask us for more information on our services today.