You know you’re in for a difficult journey when moving. But it’s not all bad news: even if this is your first move, there are steps to take that will make the process smoother and more enjoyable overall. The packing team at On the Move of Murfreesboro, TN knows what they’re doing – let them help you get started with some tips on how to plan ahead!

Sort, Sort, Sort!!

Getting your home in order before moving is the best way to ensure an easy packing and unpacking process. Sort by item or pack for rooms depending on what works better for you, but either way it’s smart to be prepared with a plan of attack so that everything can go smoothly post-move!

Being organized at home reduces stress during the move because having things sorted out means less time spent rummaging through boxes when looking for something specific. Having spaces planned out also makes unpacking easier as well, which saves more time once you get settled into your new place!

An idea that may be worth considering is keeping some things separate from others – like kids’ books versus office supplies vs personal items – because when we go through our stuff at this point, an important consideration will arise: which do I actually plan on taking with time?

Decluttering for the move

It’s time to clear out your closet. You can donate the clothes that you haven’t worn in more than a year, sell them and get some extra money, or throw away those old shirts with holes in their sleeves. It doesn’t make sense to keep things around when they’re just going waste space!

That pair of pants that went out of style 20 years ago, donate it.

Your old shirt that’s just too short, dump it.

Remember to bring the food

Moving gives you the perfect opportunity to declutter your house and make room for all of your new belongings. But before packing up, be sure to pack a few things from the kitchen!

Getting rid of old sauces or expired cans will free up some space in your car so that there’s plenty left over for those boxes full of dishes and clothes you need on top.

And if it looks like this is going to take more than one trip, go ahead and donate anything dry foods at local food bank – they can always use a helping hand (or two)!

Get a moving appointment set up in advance

Get an appointment ready a couple of months in advance. This will give you a deadline to prepare around.

Moving is stressful enough on its own – why not let our team do it for you? With years of experience and connections throughout the region we’re able to coordinate every step—packing, transportation, storage if necessary. Our goal isn’t just getting things moved from point A to B; instead, we want your transition into an apartment or house as smooth as possible

With your preparation and our experience and skills, moving could take as little as a single day.

Contact On the Move of Murfreesboro, TN to talk about your moving plan today.