Sometimes moves are planned, and sometimes they are unexpected. Having a good plan in place is essential to a stress-free move in either situation. Along with a moving plan, giving yourself enough time to complete each step will ensure you transition into your new home as comfortably as possible. Luckily for you, On the Move of Murfreesboro, TN is a full-service moving company offering everything from supplies, to packing and unpacking, to long-term storage. So, if you have that unexpected move, or you just want the sense of security that comes from working with On the Move, here’s how long you can expect your move to take.

1-3 Days
Depending on the size of your home, and the number of items you have, packing can take anywhere from one to three days. We’ll be sure to treat your belongings as our own and handle your most fragile and valued possessions with extra care.

If you’re moving from an apartment complex or condominium, the property manager will most likely need to schedule an appointment for us to be on site. We will handle all scheduling with apartments or condominium associations beforehand and submit all the necessary paperwork. This will ensure we have the green light before moving day and are ready to roll on your big day.

Whether you’re moving or simply putting your possessions in storage, we have the packing and moving supplies you need. We’ll even deliver them to you. We offer:

• Boxes
• Packing Paper
• Bubble Wrap
• Quilted Moving Blankets
• Tape, Tape Dispensers, and More

½-1 Day
After we have packed you all up and some of the larger furniture and appliances are crated, you’ll be ready for loading. On the Move’s team has over 30 years of experience and will handle your belongings with care. Our trucks are equipped with the following to ensure your possessions are moved without incident:

• Door Frame Protection
• Floor Protection
• Dollies
• Moving Blankets
• Ramps
• Bands
• Tools
• Tape
• Stretch Wrap

It Depends…
But we will give you an exact delivery date, not a “delivery window”. The farther you’re moving, the longer relocating your things will take. Local moves can be done same day.

1-3 Days
As with packing, it all depends on the number of items you’ve brought with you. Smaller homes can be done in a day, larger homes can take up the three days. It’s our goal to get you settled in as quickly as possible. Your new place will be feeling like home in no time.

Not everybody will need to store their items while they are in between homes. But just in case you do, we’ve got you covered. Long term storage is a smart option if you’re looking to get some of the larger items out of the way before your big move. You can also use our storage facility while you’re in college – there’s not much room for that entertainment center in a dorm room. Or, you might just need a little extra space at home. Our full-service storage facility is a great option for those belongings that are too important to throw away but don’t get used very often and take up a lot of space.

Apart from picking up and delivering your belongings, our storage facility offers:

• Pest Control
• Climate Control
• Professional Packing and Preparation
• High-Tech Security

At On the Move, it is our mission to provide you with the very best moving experience. Call us today to schedule your move.