Whether you’re making the big move to Tennessee or heading for new adventures out of state, you may be wondering just how far On The Move will take you and how it’s done. To answer that question, we’ve created this quick go-to guide with details about the On the Move service area and scheduling process below!

On The Move Service Area

Of course, we service the entire state of Tennessee and provide quick and flexible service for all of our local moves. But did you know On The Move also does interstate relocation, too? Our service area will take us anywhere from 800 to 1000 miles of Nashville. So, those moving to or from Miami, San Antonio, Minneapolis, and Boston are in luck!

That’s not to say if you’re going a little further we’ll leave you out in the cold. We like to stay flexible and offer highly customized service, so you may be in luck even on a further move. Often, moving people out of state is common for moving companies, but On The Move goes the extra mile by providing inbound relocation, too.

Move Scheduling

When it comes to scheduling, there are several factors to consider. At On The Move, we run the schedule around our customer’s needs to ensure efficiency on all fronts. Typically, we will determine details of your home’s closing and work backward from there. This means, plan to have everything packed and ready to go the day before your closing and prepare to arrive at your destination on-time.

We work with your schedule and promote open and concise communication with our customers to ensure all parties are on the same page, making for an exceptionally smooth relocation experience.

To find out more about our service area and scheduling process, please reach out for a free estimate or to speak with one of our moving experts, who would love to answer any questions.