On the Move has been proudly operating out of Murfreesboro, TN for almost 20 years and has loved every one of them. Just as the community has invested in them, they now have invested in an improved, even bigger facility.

The new facility includes 900 sq ft of office space for the crew to work harder for you. More importantly, the new warehouse offers 18,000 sq ft of storage space.

They have increased their ability to offer you the services you need while not sacrificing the quality you have come to love and expect.

on the move moving and storage's new storage and office facility with truckDon’t hassle with self-storage anymore.

Whether you are in transition from one home to another, getting the holiday trim out of the house for summer, or just need somewhere to store a few pieces of spare furniture, we have a storage option for you. With our open-shelving and crate storage system, you never pay for space you’re not using.

Our experts will come to you, pack your belongings, and store them in our climate-controlled warehouse. Everything is inventoried and stored safely. Let us do the work for you. Don’t worry about renting a moving truck, loading and unloading, having to upgrade to a bigger storage unit, or remembering a gate code. Just tell us what you want stored and we will do the rest. Choosing a full-service storage option will always give you more flexibility, control, and security.

Storage Pods are also a popular option for self-storage. These cut out the need to rent a truck and load and unload it. But you’re still potentially paying for space may not need. There is also zero flexibility in retrieving your belongings – it’s all or nothing. If you want that entertainment center back, the whole pod gets dropped in your driveway. And you have to pay for it.

With our on-demand delivery, you won’t have to spend time digging through boxes in a storage unit. Just call us, tell what you need and we will bring it right back to you.

Rest assured, your things are secured.

Your belongings will be secured in crates custom-built for you or exhaustively wrapped in plastic wrap to protect it from any scratches, dirt or moisture.

Being careless with your possessions would be a bad business model. That is why we don’t do it. We treat every item with the care it deserves. We will custom build containers for any shape item – chandelier, bicycle, giant floor vase, you name it – and ensure it makes it back to you in the same shape you left it.

We know we are probably more excited about this upgrade than you are, but this is good for everybody. We are mostly excited about being able to serve you and our community better than ever before.

Did we mention we also offer moving services? That’s right. On the Move is a moving company. Call us today for your free moving or storage quote.