Knowing the name and reputation of a business is a great start toward building trust, but at On the Move in Tennessee, we know it is simply not enough. You need to know the faces behind the business, the drivers, and the movers, to earn your trust.

We know how important your trust is. On The Move only hires professional, reliable, and trustworthy experts at our company, and it all starts with our hiring criteria.

Becoming Familiar

When hiring a new team member, the first thing we do is interview them. This helps us get a feel for who they are professionally and how they will interact with our valued customers.

The next step in our process is an extensive background check followed by reference checks and a drug test. In the relocation profession, it is important that we meet professional standards at all times. We guarantee our moving experts exceed these standards.

A Friendly Face to Join On the Move in Tennessee

If you’ve used our service in the past three years, you’ll notice many of the faces behind our company are the same. This is because the On The Move in Tennessee family is a community of professionals who value the hard work each other provides, the service we provide to customers and businesses, and the satisfaction that comes with taking the headache out of moving for our customers.


Because our guidelines are rigorous and tough to pass, only the best of the best make it on board with On The Move. Our employees are the faces behind our exceptionally unmatched service and are the highly valued foundation of our company. We show this value by providing above-average compensation and taking care of our employees on every level.

To learn more about our onboarding process and our vetted, professional, and expert movers, reach out to us today. We’d love to answer any of your questions.