While moving typically involves delivering your items from point A to point B, it isn’t always so straightforward. Sometimes there’s a point in the moving process where the items will need to be placed in storage due to the customer’s need for quick storage or any last minute changes that occur.

When is a Moving Transfer Needed?

These situations are known as moving transfers and, while rare, you can rest assured should you need the service that it is efficient and handled with the utmost care.

For example, if you need to move from your home on Wednesday, but don’t get the keys to your new home until Friday, you will typically need a moving transfer. This ensures your items stay protected during the period between loading and unloading and gives you one less thing to worry about.

During the Transfer

After the items are picked up and loaded, instead of heading to a destination, your moving professionals will head either to a storage location or warehouse to keep your items safe. Because we know how crucial it is that your items remain safe at all times, we undergo a rigorous inventory process to help prevent anything from being lost, forgotten, or damaged during the transfer.

Inventory will take place upon loading, then will happen again during unloading at the warehouse. When it comes time to relocate the items to your final destination, inventory will be done once more, just in case.

If you’re planning a move and are considering a transfer, then contact us today and let our moving professional keep your items safe and accounted for so you have one less thing to worry about.