Do you have any consolidation policies or moving delivery windows, and what does that mean?

Moving delivery windows are mainly for van lines where they’re shipping things across country. They’re using 53-foot vans, and three or four or five shipments are going on that from one area of the country to another area of the country. That’s when the consolidation happens. To make everything work, you would give everyone a delivery window, which just says, “Hey, I’ll be there. We’re going to be in California on the 10th, not before the 10th, and not after the 19th.”

What happens is you just need to be available in that window to accept your goods. We don’t really have that because we don’t consolidate. We work with each customer on an individual basis. What happens is when we pick up a shipment, we know when we’re going to deliver it. 

Can you guarantee pickup and delivery dates?

Yes, absolutely. That’s probably the most important part of moving – the date of getting out of the home. Because typically, if it’s being sold, and the new homeowners are moving in the following day or something, we must make sure you’re out of there. As far as that, the guaranteed pickup is not a problem. The only time that we might have a problem with a moving delivery would be if we experienced weather problems or something similar. If a truck had a tire blowout, that may delay us a little bit.

But that’s where we stay in contact with the customer and make sure that those dates are met as close as possible. Again, the only kind of window we maybe would do is a two-day window just to make sure that everyone is getting there, the customer and the truck itself. We don’t have a window thing like the van lines do on that. We’re handling one shipment at a time.


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