How Damages are Handled After the Move

Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about your newly transported items becoming damaged during relocation. However, it’s important to understand just how damages should be handled during this process to ensure the issue is handled and quickly and efficiently as possible.

Who is Responsible for Damage-Checking?

Like it or not, ensuring all furniture, appliances, and any other items are in their pre-move condition is the responsibility of the customer. This is because you will be much more familiar with your items, and will know if that trusty dresser got a scratch on it a few years ago versus during the move.

Moreover, as the customer, you are more likely to notice when something goes missing or is forgotten as well, and inventory is typically confirmed at the end of the move when all’s said and done. It is crucial to check over your items when signing off on your inventory data to ensure a quicker process should an item become lost or damaged.

Something was Broken During The Move – What Happens Next?

In the event that something is damaged or lost, a note will be made on the inventory and the move will proceed. After the move is over, the claim process begins. First, a claim form will be sent to the customer, filled out, and returned to the company. Then, the next step is to take a look at the valuation coverage option selected for the move to determine the cost to repair or replace.

While losing an item or finding out it was damaged during a move can be frustrating, we at On The Move do everything in our power to help cover and, of course, prevent these situations from occurring altogether by upholding the highest quality professional service available.

If you’re moving and want to learn more about valuation coverage or our lost/damaged process, then contact us today and we’d be happy to answer any of your questions.