What Makes On The Move Different?

Let’s be honest, there are dozens, if not hundreds of moving companies in Tennessee. So why should you trust us with your big move?

Because no one does high-quality service like On The Move—and here’s why.

We Go the Extra Mile (Literally)

The internet can be both a blessing and a curse. In regard to estimates and quotes, it can prove to be closer to the latter. This is because the internet allows moving companies to price out a big long-distance move without ever seeing the current location or the destination.

This is dangerous territory for customers, because the estimated price may be one figure, and the actual cost of the move could be well above that. Had the customer known the full extent of the costs beforehand, they would have had the opportunity to choose another company. Instead, these customers discover the true costs of the unethical company while the company is in possession of their belongings.

At On The Move, we choose to go the extra mile and perform a visual survey on both the current home or office and the destination, whether they are 1 or 1,000 miles apart. This enables us to provide our customers with accurate fixed-cost quotes with no surprises or hidden extras.

We Put You First, Not Payments

Many moving companies in Tennessee require a down payment, deposit, or a portion of the moving costs up front. On The Move, however, does not. This is because we trust our customers, just as they trust us to take care of their precious belongings and provide exceptional service during their relocation.

We don’t accept payment until after the move is completed, allowing for extra flexibility and giving our customers one less thing to worry about during their big move.

Our Awards Come From our Customers

We have been absolutely honored to have won Rutherford County’s Ruthie Award for the past 5 out of 7 years. What makes this award so special is it isn’t just a recognition of our business, but an award for which our customers made their voices heard and worked hard to see us recognized.

Without our customers, we would have none of the success we hold today, and their loyalty, feedback, and appreciation give us a satisfaction that no award ever could.

If you’re ready to relocate and want to choose an award-winning and industry-leading moving service for your needs, then contact us today for a free estimate and let’s get started!