On the Move moving company has an actual warehouse where you can store stuff yourself? Is this unique for moving and storage companies?

Absolutely. Suppose you’re between your closings and it gets to be more than a week or so. When we can’t just hold it on the truck, we have the option to bring it in and store it as a moving and storage company.

Can you do this for all sizes of moves in the Middle Tennessee area?

Whether it’s a small shipment, a large shipment, whether you’re moving within the Middle Tennessee area or you’re moving outside the state, we can store those items. It allows us to have the liability all the way through. We know that we’re going to take care of everything from start to finish.

This gives our customers an extra option if something doesn’t go exactly right on their closings and keeps them from having to work with a third-party storage facility. Things are complicated and stressful enough with moving. We work hard to make things simpler.