5 Tips for Moving a Piano Safely

The following article was contributed by Moore Piano, a full-service piano store in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

If you are moving, chances are you have a mile-long list of items you want to make absolutely sure are safely transported. Furniture is expensive and family heirlooms are irreplaceable— no one wants any of their belongings to suffer damage during a move.

If you have one, moving a piano safely is probably at the top of your list. Here are a few ways you can ensure your piano is transported from your old home to your new home safely.

Piano Moving Tip #1: Supplies

Certain supplies are essential to moving a piano safely. Here is a list of things you’ll want to ensure you have on site:

  • Moving blankets (or regular blankets, or towels)
  • Duct tape (to secure blankets)
  • For grand pianos— piano skid (large board), straps, and screwdriver (to hold secure)
  • Lots of help!

Pianos are large, heavy, and they need to be kept upright, not tipped over. Making sure they are protected and secure when moving out of the house, into the truck, and into the new house are the top priority.

Piano Moving Tip #2: The Truck

Pianos should be the first thing you load into the truck. Why? Well, the items you put around it will help keep it stationed securely during the move. Make sure that no one puts anything on top of the piano or stacks boxes so high around the piano that there might be a chance they could fall on top of it.

Additional straps may be used to keep the piano in place once it’s in the truck. Finally, cover the piano to keep it protected from nicks and scratches. If you are embarking on a long trip for your move, it may be best to use actual moving blankets, as the environment in the truck may vary and you’ll want the piano protected from the climate.

Piano Moving Tip #3: Measure Doorways

We assume that you got the piano you own into your home, so you have what it takes to get it out again. The trick is to make sure you measure the entryways into your new home as well as your piano. Before the piano is carried out of the truck, you will know the path you’ll need to take to place it in its new home. The last thing you want is to get to the front door and realize it won’t fit.

There are piano-capable dollies you can use to assist you with the heavy lifting. If you know you have to take it all the way to the back of the house to get it inside, you’ll be happy to have a dolly on hand.

Moving a Piano Tip #4: Safety First

As with moving any heavy item, it is vital that you put the safety of yourself and the people helping you move the piano first. Always wear closed-toe shoes when moving heavy items. Tennis shoes or work boots are best— both will protect your feet as well as give you better traction when moving the heavy items.

Communicate with your team! Several people are needed to move a piano. Appoint one person to be the leader, telling everyone when to lift and where to move. Make sure everyone communicates their needs. It is better to stop and put down the piano together than to have someone drop it due to muscle fatigue. This is where people—and the piano— will get hurt.

Moving a Piano Tip #5: Consider Hiring Professionals

Professionals movers, like On the Move, are a great option for items like pianos. They have the experience to properly wrap pianos in such a way that will prevent damage should something fall. On the Move has the experience and the teamwork that’s needed to move heavy items (like, say, a piano!) from your old house, to the truck, and to your new house. They have experience placing the piano securely in the truck and packing items strategically around it to ensure it doesn’t shift during transport.

For big ticket items (like a piano), hiring a professional mover is the smartest move you can make. Moving is stressful enough without risking the safety and integrity of your piano, not to mention the safety of your friends and family who have kindly volunteered to help you move it.


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