Our latest blog series features a Q&A with owner, Don Watson. Here’s his take on how On the Move, one of the top Middle Tennessee local movers handles real estate closings.

On the Move does a log of local moves here in Middle Tennessee. How does it work when you need to schedule around a certain closing date? 

That’s right, we do a lot of local moves here in the area. Depending on the amount that you have, we’ll determine how many trucks we’ll use, how many men we’ll use, and what your timing is. A lot of times in this real estate market, you’ll end up with needing to be out of a house one day and maybe not closing on the new house until the following day. We’re able to work with our customers on that as long as we know it’s a possibility in advance.

We basically charge an overnight fee, which saves you money. It keeps your belongings from having to come off the truck and go into storage or anything like that. And again, as long as we can work that out with our customer ahead of time, it makes it a nice, smooth transition for everybody.

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