How do you charge in the event of a local move?

On a local move, we basically have a van-and-two-men charge, a van-and-three-men charge, or a van-and-four-men charge. It’s typically an hourly rate with our time starting once we get to the origin address and then stopping at the time at the new address at the destination. Then, we have a travel fee that encompasses the time going to the residence and then from the residence back to our warehouse. That is a one-time fee, and it keeps us from having to charge while we’re sitting in traffic or something. This way, you’re not actually charged if we get caught in traffic.

Do you offer any discounts or have any promotions?

One of the things that we do is we have mailers that we send out. They are sent to the customers who are selling homes in the mid-state area. We do have some coupons on them that apply to local moves and interstate moves. We also run some specials during the off season a little bit more than we do in the summertime. Those will be anywhere from $50 to $100 off, depending on where you’re moving, or a percentage of the move that you’re doing.