At some point in your life, moving may be on the table. In fact, according to Move Buddha, close to 3 million Americans make an interstate move annually. Do your best to take away moving stress by understanding what your residential mover can transport. Research has shown that the moving and storage industry in the U.S. was worth an estimated $18 billion as of 2022. Here are some items you can trust with a residential mover.

1. Furniture

Unless you plan on holding an estate sale, you need to plan to move your furniture to a new home. Your local residential mover can carefully transport those big furniture items like beds, couches, and tables. Due to entryway constraints and the necessity to make room for other items, your beds may need disassembly before moving.

2. Clothes

Of course, you must bring some clothes with you. Most clothes can go in standard boxes, although you may have to find special boxes for your suits and evening wear. Wardrobe boxes can help with this problem and make it easier to hang onto your clothes without them getting wrinkled during transport. A residential mover can also give you some more tips.

3. Books

If you’re a book lover, you probably have stacks of books for transport. While it may take some time to organize your boxes, your residential mover can quickly transport them for you. Since books can be heavy, having professionals handle them takes a big load off your back, literally! Remember to spread your books out into smaller boxes instead of overloading one big box.

4. Kitchen Appliances

If your new home doesn’t have certain larger appliances, you may want to take your current ones. It’s feasible to do with professional residential movers who know how to handle those bulky and heavy items. Empty your fridge, washer, and dryer before movers pick them up. Smaller appliances can also go with you. Those toasters, blenders, and other kitchen gadgets can go in boxes with some packing peanuts or bubble wrap to ensure their safety.

Moving takes time and energy. So why not hire local professionals who can move just about anything for you? While you can ask friends and family for referrals, you can save time and contact our local office. Our moving staff will pack, load, unpack, and transport your items to a new location with ease. Trust our team at On The Move Moving and Storage with your move today!