How do you prevent moving property damage at On the Move?

Protecting the home is probably just as important as protecting the furniture that’s being moved in and out. It is all a part of taking the right steps to prevent moving property damage. One of the things that we really stress is putting protection down on wood floors and carpeted floors.

We have rug runners. We have cardboard that we put down. We have Masonite that we put down on wood floors if we have heavy objects coming out across that. There are door protectors. There are a lot of different things that we would do. In other words, protecting stair banisters and things like that.

We want to make sure that all those things that are coming in and out of the house are not causing any damage to the home, especially to the walls and door faces. Those are some of the most important things, so we definitely protect those before the move starts. Of course, we remove all of these protective pieces after the move is over. 

What Can I Do To Help Prevent Moving Property Damage?

There are a few things you can do to prevent damage to your property. The first would be to use a professional service such as On The Move to do your packing. Packing your items in a safe and secure way is one of the best ways to avoid any damage. So much of it comes down to taking your time to secure things before you move them.

Empty drawers so that items won’t fall out everywhere. Use tape to close doors, drawers, and moving parts. Use packaging products such as newspaper, bubble wrap, and foam pellets for protection. Tape boxes tightly to prevent spills. Mostly, stay as organized as possible and think through how each item may experience the move. Then work to make that item as safe as possible.