How long does a move take? What’s the typical scenario? 

If a move is going from point A to point B, in the same town or locally in Middle Tennessee, that is typically a day. But if we start adding in packing, we would usually have a day for packing. If the packing is more than the average, you may end up having two to three days in that move. So, the next question is “how long does a move take for out of town?” 

When a move is for out of town, it would be the travel time and the delivery. I would say most of our interstate moves, the ones that are going out of state, are usually completed within four to five days at the most. So when we end up setting up a move, we’re not like a Van Lines, where we say the delivery will be between a certain time frame. We actually give you the date that it will be worked out. That way you’re not waiting for your furniture. And that keeps you out of hotels and having to eat out all the time. So hopefully that saves you a little money on that end.