If you’ve moved once, or even if you’ve moved 12 times in your adult life, you know that it always seems that no matter what you do, moving is super stressful. As with any big life change, there are always going to be at least some stressful moments.

There are some things you can do to minimize the stress and chaotic feelings, making your Tennessee move a smooth and minimally stressful experience. Here are 5 things you can do.

No-Stress Tip #1: Allocate More Time Than You Think You’ll Need

The biggest stressor when moving is always TIME. Underestimating how much time sorting, packing, cleaning, and the actual moving process will leave you feeling frantic and frazzled when things inevitably take 3 or times as long as you’d expect.

Once you have decluttered your home, you’ll want to allocate about 4-6 days of packing and prepping (based on a 3 bedroom home – allocate more time for a larger home, but be careful allocating less time for smaller spaces!) Allow another day or two for cleaning, selecting a moving company or arranging a rental truck, and setting up utilities. Remember that life still goes on while you are moving, so plan extra time as needed to work around work schedules, school, and children’s activities.

No-Stress Tip #2: Organization is Key

Staying organized can make a huge difference in the stress level of your move. Keep a binder with all of the important moving documents that you may need in one place, including a list of phone numbers for the utilities you’ll be switching on and off, and any documents from the movers you may need.

Create a labeling format for boxes that makes sense to you and is easy to decode for when it comes time to unload. Make checklists either digitally or to be kept with your move binder. Taking these steps will ensure an easier move.

No-Stress Tip #3: Make Sleep a Priority

It’s so tempting to cram as much into each day as possible when you are moving, but this is not a great choice. Getting plenty of rest will have you mentally refreshed and physically restored to tackle each day with all you’ve got.

Pushing through and burning the midnight oil will leave you feeling frazzled and can even lower your resistance to getting sick – and that is the last thing anyone wants while trying to move!

No-Stress Tip #4: Call in Reinforcements

As the saying goes, many hands make light work. Don’t hesitate to call on friends and family for help moving things, packing or unpacking, or even picking up some food and keeping you company while you unpack.

Plan ahead, and make sure those that might be willing to help know when you need them in advance. Of course, show your gratitude for their assistance – most friends and family are easily paid in pizza and beverages when the move is complete.

No-Stress Tip #5: Bring in Professional Help

If your budget allows, having a professional moving company take care of the process from start to finish is a major stress reliever. Some companies, like On the Move, offer different levels of service to suit your budget.

You can choose to have them take care of all of the packing and unpacking of your household goods as well as moving all of the boxes, heavy items, and fragile pieces to your new location – or you do the packing and unpacking and they load and move your items.

Be sure to hire a reputable mover with good reviews and reliable service, or you may end up with more stress than less!  When you are ready to make your move, and are ready to dial your stress back by hiring pros, contact On the Move for a free quote!