High-Rise Move Tips

Concerned about your impending relocation to a high-rise building with an elevator? We’ve got your back! Preparing for a move involving an elevator or a high-rise building starts in the pre-planning process. Here are some of the ways that we ensure your move goes smoothly, regardless of how high your home might be.

Speak to Management

Often, an apartment complex or high rise manager will require the moving company to produce a certificate of insurance. This guarantees that the building will be reimbursed if we damage the elevator as we take things up and down. The best way to determine if your building requires this information is to ask. Then, we can work with them to figure out what time is best for us to monopolize the elevator.

If there’s a freight elevator in the building, that’s preferable for our purposes. However, if we don’t work with the management, we might find that the elevator’s in use already, which would significantly impact our schedule and yours. We find it’s best to discuss everything with management well in advance.

Big City Moves

Moving to a big city, like Chicago or New York, is an entirely different situation. Parking is an issue for a compact car, let alone a huge truck. However, at On the Move, we’re up for the challenge. Once again, preparation is key. It’s vital that we understand every aspect of the situation. We might have to bring a smaller truck with us to shuttle everything in quickly and efficiently.

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