How Can a Moving Company Help With Emergency Restoration Service?

If  fire or water damages your home, the last thing you want to worry about is removing all of your possessions, damaged or undamaged. We work with several middle Tennessee emergency restoration service companies. It’s our goal to make a very stressful time as painless as possible.

Transporting Post Disaster

When water destroys floors, homeowners need to have them completely replaced or re-sanded. We’ll go in, take photos, and pack all of the furniture and any other possessions for transport. Some of our partners prefer that we use our spacious storage facility in La Vergne to store everything. Others like to store everything on-site with a pod or in a room that’s unaffected.

There are also companies that have their own off-site storage facilities, so we’ll take it there if that’s their preference. If the furniture has been impacted, some companies have special storage facilities where they can clean and refresh it to put back in the home.

Restoring After Cleanup

Once the restoration company completes their work, it’s our cue to put everything back the way it was before the disaster occurred. Using the photos we took as a guide, we place all of your belongings back into the home— it will look as though the disaster never happened!

We aim to please our emergency restoration partners, but it’s the customers who we really want to delight. We do this by carefully protecting their possessions until their home is ready to be inhabited once again.

If disaster has impacted your home and you want to ensure that your belongings are completely secure, contact us today!