Ready to move but feel anchored down by all your things? On the Move of Murfreesboro has the tips and tools to help you lose that baggage and gain the confidence you deserve.

Moving is already a stressful time, so is there actually a benefit in this added step before you start packing? Absolutely. Decluttering, purging, tidying – call it what you will, but reducing the number of items in your home before you move is one of the easiest and simplest ways to ensure your move goes smooth. But don’t wait until the last minute – give yourself enough time to process physical and emotional effort you’ll be putting in.

Start Fresh

Moving into a new home is a fresh start, a chance to make your new space represent your new life. So, why bring all the clutter from your old home? According to the home organization consultants at Living Space, getting rid of that clutter before you enter your new home will ensure you start right. Assessing what you actually have will give you the opportunity to make a plan and vision for that fresh start. And with a good enough plan, your things will literally fall into place. Show your friends and family a loving new home that is functional and fun.

Save Money, Time, and Effort

Each item you own takes time, effort, and sometimes money to maintain. So, it stands to reason that by discarding your unused items you will have more of all three to put into your move. The less you have to pack, the less you have to move, unpack, and put away. Don’t get stuck in your new home with too many things, too little space, and mountains of cardboard boxes that never get opened.

Make Extra Cash

With the simplicity of new selling mobile apps, making a buck off your old clothes couldn’t be easier. Snap a photo and post the item on Poshmark or Letgo, or sell to your friends on Facebook Marketplace. Or start big and sell some furniture – you’ll make more money and clear more space quicker. Especially if you’re downsizing, this is the perfect opportunity to sell that old sofa, that unused bunk bed, or that oversized entertainment center.

Help Those in Need

Your unused things can breathe life into others. By donating what you’re not bringing with you, not only are you giving a second life to those items, but you’re giving others the opportunity to those in need to live more comfortably. Organizations like AMVETS, Habitat for Humanity, and other non-profits will gladly take, and sometimes even pick up your donations.

The number of decluttering “experts” with their different methods, tips, and checklists can be intimidating. Which one do you follow? Which one will work best for you and your family? We can help. When it comes time to make your move, On the Move offers everything from packing supplies for the DIY movers to full relocation services within, to, or from Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, or Middle Tennessee. Contact us today for a quote!