Moving from one town to another or even across the country? Either way, moving can feel like a long process and a big rush all at once. So, what sort of timetable can one expect for a move? How much more time can you expect an out of state move to take? How long will it take to pack?  

We’ll give you a general timeline and answer your moving timeline questions in today’s post.

Packing: 1-3 Days

If you opt to use On The Move’s packing services, we will have you packed up and ready to go within 1-3 days. Obviously, if you have a lighter load, it will be closer to one day, if you have a larger home and more items to be packed, it can take a full three days.

Loading – ½ to 1 Day

Again, this largely depends on the number of things you need to be moved. Typically we can get you packed up and ready to roll within the day.

Travel Time – VARIES

This is another variable that obviously depends on where you are moving. If you are moving across town, we can get you there within the day. Moving to Florida? That’ll take a bit longer.

The difference between On the Move and major van lines? We give you an exact date of delivery, so you aren’t waiting on your belongings to arrive within a “delivery window.”

Loading in – ½ to 1 Day

Just as with a loadout, the time it takes to load your household goods into your new home can vary, but will typically be completed within ½ to 1 day.

Unpacking 1-3 Days

While many people want to unpack and put their belongings away in their own time, some folks opt for our unpacking services. We can get you unpacked and give you a major head start toward feeling like “home” in your new place in 1-3 days. You can reorganize your silverware drawer while we are there, we won’t be offended.

All in all, depending on if you choose packing and unpacking services and depending on if you are moving within the Middle Tennessee region or out of state, our moving services can take anywhere from a day to a full week from end to end.

We strive to take the stress out of the moving process and make your move as efficient and stress-free as possible. Ready to get on the move? Contact us today for a quote!