Whether you are moving across town or across the country, choosing the right moving company is possibly one of the most important choices you’ll face. Of course, loads of companies help Middle Tennessee residents make their move. How do you pick the best?

Today, we’ll cover 5 questions you should ask any mover before making a decision.

Question #1: Is the moving company properly licensed?

The State of Tennessee licenses any legitimate moving company for local moves. Alternately, the US DOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration licenses companies for moves out of state. Need to check? Your company’s license number is easily verifiable on the FMCSA website. Log on and see if the company you’re considering is legit. 

Question #2:  How much experience does the company have? How long have they been in business?

An experienced moving company has probably seen it all. They’ve moved townhomes with multiple stories, rural ranch homes with gravel driveways, and everything in between. As you’ll see, these pros have the equipment they need to best handle your particular move.  

Question #3: What kind of liability coverage does the company offer?

Naturally, everyone hopes for a completely smooth move. In this scenario, nothing’s lost or broken and the moving truck arrives at your new location without incident. Unfortunately, accidents happen. How does your moving company protect you should the unthinkable occur? 

Interstate movers are required to offer Full Value Protection and Released Value Protection. Full Value Protection covers the full replacement cost of items; it varies in price from company to company. While Released Value Protection offers protection at no additional charge, the protection is minimal. It covers no more than 60 cents per pound per article.

Question #4: Does the company have good reviews?

Let’s be realistic. In today’s world, we don’t even visit a new restaurant for lunch without first checking the reviews. Before you commit to a moving company, read the reviews. Additionally, be sure you read the responses made publicly by the company.

These reviews and responses give you a good general feel for how other moves have gone. They also tell you how the company responds to criticism, which also provides an idea of the professionalism and care you’ll experience on moving day. 

Question #5: Does the company have storage space available if needed?

Sometimes you may need to move out of your existing home before your new location is ready or even before you have a new location finalized. In these cases, a moving company that also offers storage is a lifesaver.

On the Move is ready to answer these questions and any others you have about your upcoming Middle Tennessee move. Contact us today!