Move during winter? Sounds impossible? Not so.

Making a move during the winter months is not only doable, it’s a pretty good idea for several reasons. While the summer months are the most popular for moving, winter can be a perfect time to make a change.

More Flexibility

Because it is not as busy in the wintertime, movers generally have more flexibility in the dates they can offer you for moving. Having something go wrong during the very busy season means it could be a bit more of a headache. Problems with dates or needing to change dates in the winter are generally simpler to manage. Dates can need changing due to closings being extended or contracts falling through. Take advantage of winter’s slower moving period to give you some peace of mind.

It’s Not Hot (Whew)

Imagine going through all of the outbuildings like sheds, garages, or barns during the heat of the summer. Organization and getting everything together is a part of the moving process. Getting boxes, gathering supplies, and wrapping items for move is a big chore. No one wants to tackle it all in the sweltering heat of June. Of course, doing it in the freezing snow isn’t the best either, but you can use a few warmer winter days and get everything done in relative comfort. Or you can use the packing and moving services of On the Move to handle it all for you, in any kind of weather.

Less Traffic

Moving in the winter means less traffic on foot and on the roads. If you are moving into or out of a condo or townhouse, there is less chance of multiple families moving on your selected moving day. This means no worry about which truck goes where. You have plenty of space to move around and move all of your items. Summer vacations and highway traffic are not a fun mix. On the right day, moving in the winter with less traffic helps makes it easier.

The other bonus for winter moves is that you can often get special deals for the slower period. Contact On the Move today to see how we can help make your winter move smooth and hassle-free! We provide a consultation and a complete quote so there are no surprises. We’re ready to help make your move not only bearable, but even enjoyable. Contact On the Move today!

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