Did you know that it’s estimated that in 2020, about 18% of individuals who were aged 20 through 29 moved during that year alone, according to Bankrate? While moving can be stressful, there are things you can do to help ease some of the burden associated with moving, including hiring local movers. If you are looking to hire movers, then there are many factors that you need to consider as you select a team as well as some questions that you need to ask. Here are three questions that you should ask a team who should be able to answer.

1. What Types of Moving Services Do You Offer?

Not every company offers the same services. Some movers offer a full moving service that includes packing, loading, unloading, transporting, unpacking, and even taking apart and putting together bigger pieces of furniture, such as bed frames. Other movers only offer loading, transporting, and unloading services, which means you’re left on your own to pack. Consider what services you need when searching for the right crew in the area.

2. How Much Will Your Services Cost?

Ideally, you want to find movers who offer a written estimate to ensure their services fit within your budget. Also, ensure you know what’s included in the quote, such as packing materials, insurance, and other elements. All of this information can make sure you’re getting exactly what you need.

3. How Long Will the Move Take?

You should find out what their timeframe is for completing the move. This is especially important if you’re moving appliances and are waiting for a professional to hook them up in your new place. Also, if you’re on a time crunch, then you may want to know how long it’ll take before you can settle in.

Trying to move on your own can be complicated, laborious, and a lot of work. You have to pack, load your belongings into a moving truck, drive the moving truck, unload, and unpack. Local movers can complete some or all of those tasks for you, depending on what services you hire them for. If you’re planning on moving in the near future, then reach out to us today to learn all about our services and to obtain an estimate for your upcoming move.