Making a move during the winter comes with its own unique set of challenges. Icy roads, snowstorms, and frigid temperatures can make transporting your belongings particularly difficult when you decide to go the DIY route. However, when you hire local movers to assist with your winter relocation, you unlock a variety of advantages that end up making the whole process easier and more enjoyable overall. Here are three benefits to consider!

1. Take Advantage of Lower Rates During the Off-Season

One major upside to scheduling your move during the slower winter months is that you’ll often pay less for professional moving services. According to Move Buddha, approximately 60% of moves in the United States happen between May and August. The summer tends to be the peak moving season, with higher demand comes higher prices. However, local movers tend to offer lower rates and more flexible discounts to incentivize customers when business begins drying up once the weather cools down. As long as you secure your reservations early, hiring movers in the winter can end up saving you a bundle compared to other times of the year.

2. Receive Assistance Navigating Icy Terrain

Attempting to transport heavy furniture and packed boxes through snow and ice without the proper equipment can easily lead to damaged belongings and injuries. On the other hand, reputable movers invest in snow chains, transport dollies, and other gear specially designed to allow safe passage across slippery terrain. Your local movers know how to navigate a winter move so you don’t have to, letting you avoid unnecessary stress while keeping your valuables protected.

3. Take Comfort in Heated Storage Options

Sometimes closing dates result in situations where you need to briefly store belongings before completing your move. DIY winter movers often scramble to make storage arrangements that protect sensitive items against freezing temperatures. However, experienced movers frequently offer heated storage containers on-site if you need short-term solutions between properties. Getting access to that warm storage assists in preventing weather-related damage even if you can’t move everything straight into your next home right away.

When you decide to hire local movers in the winter, you gain peace of mind knowing that snow, ice, and cold won’t jeopardize your relocation. Seasoned professionals prepare for safely executing winter moves year after year. If you’re preparing to move any time of year, reach out to The Move Moving and Storage for an estimate.