One of people’s biggest concerns when relocating is not having all their belongings arrive in one piece at their new place. Most things we own aren’t meant to be packed up, thrown into a truck, and reassembled into a new space as if nothing happened. That’s why professional movers exist. They know how to handle fragile objects, pack them safely and securely, and deliver them to your new location without any mishaps. Here are the top five items we see get damaged when people choose to move without the help of a professional.


Things like alarm clocks, speakers, or DVD players may not look like they are damaged on the outside, but they can get damaged on the inside. During a move, all those parts that keep them working can get shaken up and loosened from where they belong. To keep them from being jostled, electronics need to be well-padded and packaged securely.


Despite towel and newspaper efforts, kitchen appliances, plates, glasses, etc. still get broken or nicked. The best way to store them is using partition boxes, which have dividers to keep each item in place. Cushioning should also be added between each layer of items.


Lamps get broken enough during everyday life by getting bumped and smashed. It’s even worse when you try to transport one for miles without breaking it! To preserve their condition, lamps need extra care. Always remove lightbulbs from the lamp and store it in a separate, padded box. Lampshades should also be removed, wrapped up, and stored in a box that won’t get smashed or crushed.


From tables to sofas to chairs, the edges or legs of furniture are almost guaranteed to get bumped and scraped inside your trunk. If you can, you should take the piece of furniture apart as much as possible. For example, if your table legs can unscrew, unscrew them and store them in a box. Just be sure to keep every piece labeled to return it to its original state. The pieces you want to focus on removing, if possible, are those that might break if pressure is applied in the wrong spot.


The best way to transport antique items or collectibles is to wrap them in bubble wrap, package them in cushioned cardboard boxes, and mark them as fragile. You definitely don’t want to have any extra space for your items to move around. Keep them compacted and well-padded.

On the Move

Because moving fragile items can be so risky, it’s best to trust moving to professional movers who do this sort of thing every day. On the Move is a team of the best movers in the Middle Tennessee area with the best prices. We are acquainted with the best packing methods and can ensure all your items arrive the way they left. If you have any special concerns for your belongings, mention them to your movers and communicate your worries. Every packing situation is unique, and we strive to make you feel confident in entrusting all your possessions with us. Contact us today for your moving needs.

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