Storage units are a great solution for holding your household goods while in the process of moving, but there are some things that just plain should not go to a storage unit. Here’s a list of common items that you should never put in a storage unit:

Hazardous Materials

Truth be told, your movers will likely not transport these items anyhow, but they are worth mentioning. Any cleaning products, paint, fertilizers, oils, propane tanks, or corrosives need to be dealt with before moving your items to storage.


Food items left in a non-climate controlled environment will go bad very quickly. If left in a storage unit, food can get moldy, potentially contaminating your entire storage unit with mold spores, and attract pests. It’s best to clear out the pantry by eating your way through before you move and giving the rest to friends or family that will use it.

Plants or Animals

Even if it is a short “stay,” a storage unit is not the place for plants or animals. Plants and animals (including fish, reptiles, and other lower maintenance pets) just won’t survive in storage conditions. Plants and critters need circulating air, water, food, and sunlight to survive – none of which are exactly plentiful in a closed up storage unit.

If a plant (or animal) is left in a storage unit for any amount of time, it is likely to die. Rotting things not only smell bad (and send bad smells through the entire storage space) but can also become moldy and affect your entire contents.

Valuable Items

Irreplaceable items like family heirlooms, antiques, or jewelry shouldn’t go into a storage unit. This includes important documents, cash, and expensive items of clothing. No matter the level of security at the storage facility, things can and do happen. Keeping priceless or high-value items with you is best.

Moving and need temporary storage on the way? Follow these guidelines for the best moving and storage experience. Need a professional mover to get you there? Contact us at On the Move for a personalized quote for whatever your moving and storage needs may be.